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Riva Europe Tablet Presses

Research & Development Pilot Scale and Medium Scale Tablet Press Machines.

Riva Europe are the European distributors of Riva SA and offer small scale and medium scale tablet press machines for R&D and Pilot Scale tablet development and production.


There is the well known Piccola table top rotary tablet press, the Minipress single punch eccentric tablet press which are designed specifically for small scale and R&D development as well as the Precompress medium speed production tablet press and Compactor Nova. The Piccola, which has various levels of monitoring & control software and hardware, including R&D Software, producing tablets with B or D type tooling or a mix of both. The Piccola Nova table top press has interchangeable turret with 21 CFR Part II certified software for Pilot Scale and Small Scale GMP production as well as R&D scale work.


The Riva range is further enhanced with models of Bi-Layer tablet presses - the Compacta Nova Bi-Layer tablet press and the Hidropress tablet press. For tablet presses in containment we have the WIP Piccola tablet press for which we provide the isolator containment unit together with WIP tablet de-duster + WIP metal check. Our isolation containment systems are designed and certified up to OEL 5.


To compliment the range of tablet press machines, a selection of peripheral options are available such as tablet de-duster with metal check, support tables and a Mini Roll compactor.