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Riva Europe Precompress tablet press for pilot scale research

Tablet press for medium scale production

    The Riva Precompress tablet press and software system is the ultimate solution for automated production control and monitoring. Equipped with an automatic lubrication system, it ensures the internal mechanisms and tablet tooling remain in excellent condition for maximum uptime.


    With a compression force rating of up to 10 tons, the Riva Precompress is capable of handling even the toughest tablet production requirements with ease. Its advanced process control technology ensures maximum safety and efficiency, while the user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up and operate.



    Type / Stations D-25 / B-33 / BB-41
    Standard TSM / EU
    Maximum Tablet Diameter 24.00mm / 16.00mm / 13.00mm
    Maximum Load Depth 19.00 mm
    Maximum Compression Force 80 kN
    Maximum Pre-Compression Force 10 kN
    Production Speed 135.000 T/H / 178.200 T/H / 221.400 T/H
    Upper Punch Penetration 0.3–6 mm
    Product Feed Forced
    Installed Power 9.5 kW
    Die Hole Diameter 384.175 mm
    Net Weight 2000 Kg