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Profiller Capsule Fillers

Profiller; Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Equipment.

Profiller is a leading US-based company that offers high-quality hand-held and bench-top capsule fillers to meet all your needs. The capsule fillers are available in various sizes, including 80, 100, and 300-hole units, providing an output range of 2000 to 9000 capsules per hour. Catering to all capsule sizes and fill a diverse range of products such as pellets, liquids, powders, and semi-liquids. Additionally, Providing parts for enteric coating and encapsulation, ensuring a complete solution for all your filling needs.


Moreover, the range is completed by bench-top blenders, making us a one-stop-shop for all your capsule filling requirements. With our high-quality products and exceptional customer service, you can trust Profiller to provide you with a comprehensive solution to all your filling needs. Whether you're looking for hand-held or bench-top capsule fillers, we have you covered with our reliable and efficient range of products. Choose Profiller and experience the difference.


For U.K and Ireland enquires please email - sales@riva-europe.co.uk