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Riva Europe was formed in 2003 to be the European distributor for Riva SA who manufacture Mono Layer and Bi-Layer Tablet Presses for Research & Development, Pilot Scale and Production Scale manufacturing, also including Containment applications up to OEL (OEB) 5.

Our UK based After Sales Support team provide Spare Parts, Technical Assistance, On Line Support, Calibration and Service throughout Europe and further afield.

This business has developed well and has expanded successfully into Europe and further afield with many references in the R&D field as well as Pilot Scale and Medium Scale production.

To compliment the range of tablet press machinery Riva has also expanded into the supply to the UK and Irish market of associated pharmaceutical machinery from the following manufacturers:

Adamus SA Specialists in the design and manufacture of Tablet Press Tooling, Parts, Turrets, Capsule Filling machine Format Parts and Blisterpack machines Format Parts. 

Controller XXI Design, development and implementation of bespoke automation systems allows the customer to process with a higher level of precision than in a manual process, reducing time and costs and increasing efficiency.

Hosokawa particle & powder processing equipment and technologies.

MG2 Automatic Capsule Filling & Closing machines

MG2 Packaging End of line cartoning, case packing and palletising systems for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products

O'Hara are recognized on the global market as a leading manufacturer of Tablet Coating Systems in addition to their solid dosage processing equipment, with new innovative products coming to the market every year.

Bimech Powder Handling, Blending, Powder Dispensing & Weighing Systems, Vacuum Conveyors for powders

Profiller Semi Automatic Filling & Closing units for capsules 

Riva Europe


Research & Development Pilot Scale and Medium Scale Tablet Press Machines.



solid dosage processing equipment

Controller XXI


Automation and Control Software for Tablet Presses.



Adamus Tablet Press Tooling, Parts and Blister Parts Manufacturer.



MG2, Capsule Filling Equipment.

MG2 End of Line Packaging

MG2 Packaging 

Intermittent-motion blistering Machine, Cartoning, Tray & Case Packing and Palletising



Air Jet Sieve, Particle Size Analyser.



Blenders, Hoists, Docking Stations, IBCs, Washing Stations



Profiller; Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Equipment.

Below are some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies who rely on our products to deliver quality healthcare worldwide.


We now offer lease purchase to help you spread the cost, and we also have machines to rent.

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