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MG2 Capsule Filling Equipment

MG2, based in Bologna, Italy, is a leading manufacturer of premium capsule filling machines that cater to diverse needs. They offer a comprehensive range of solutions, from lab-scale units producing 3,000 capsules per hour to high-speed machines with a capacity of 250,000 capsules per hour in continuous motion, facilitating a seamless transition during the scale-up process.


With extensive experience in the field, MG2 excels in supplying equipment for low-dose (>5mg) and micro-dose (>0.5mg) applications, ensuring full control over both empty and filled capsules. To further optimize your capsule filling operations, MG2 provides capsule polishers and additional equipment designed to maximize efficiency and product quality.


For U.K and Ireland enquires please email - sales@riva-europe.co.uk