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FlexaLab Capsule Filler

designed for R&D laboratories

    FlexaLAB is a capsule filler in MG2's product range specifically designed for research and development (R&D) laboratories, clinical trials, small batch production, and specialized manufacturing. With a production capacity of up to 3,000 capsules per hour, FlexaLAB operates on the same functional principles as MG2's high-speed machines.


    Depending on the installed dosing unit, FlexaLAB can work with continuous or intermittent motion. The ability to install multiple dosing units simultaneously allows for product combinations within the same capsule, ensuring maximum flexibility for R&D laboratories and smaller producers.


    Key features of the FlexaLAB capsule filler include:


  • Mechanical design: Continuous or intermittent motion (depending on the installed dosing unit)
  • Speed: Up to 3,000 capsules/hour
  • Capsule compatibility: Sizes 000-5; DB; Elongated; HPMC
  • Product versatility: Pellets; Powder; Microtablets; Tablets; Low-dosage powder; Microdosages of powder; Capsule-in-capsule; Liquids
  • Dosing options: Powder + tablets; Powder + pellets; Powder + microtablets; 2 types of pellets; 2 types of tablets; Pellets + tablets
  • Weight control systems: 100% gross weight