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CONTROLLER XXI: Enhancing Efficiency

Controller XXI specialises in Automation and Control Software for Tablet Presses, Roller Compactors and also other industries where Production Control is required.

Controller XXI can upgrade your old tablet press control panel to a new ‘state of the art’ Industrial touchscreen pc model with online diagnostic features.

There is also the option of adding the R&D-PRO (Data Acquisition Research & Development Tool) software.

Design, development and implementation of bespoke automation systems allows the customer to process with a higher level of precision than in a manual process, reducing time and costs and increasing efficiency. The electrical design, as well as PLC and HMI programs are carried out in compliance with the regulations and standards in force for the industry. Upgrades of obsolete software and hardware of old machinery will increase the life of your equipment for years to come, with the added advantage of being able to provide data acquisition and diagnostic analysis which will overcome the need to invest in purchasing new equipment. Remote Online assistance is also a feature.

TP-PRO Automatic Weight Control software for Rotary tablet presses.

TP Pro Auto Weight Control adjust screen
TP Pro Auto Weight Control bands screen
TP Pro Auto Weight Control forces screen
TP Pro Auto Weight Control alarms screen

Control Panel and plc Upgrades


control panel before


control panel after


Classic Pushbutton Display

classic push button display

R&D-PRO  Research and Development Software for Data Acquisition and Analysis

the box
Controller XXI R&D
Controller XXI Analysis

Production Tablet Press

Cables before
Old screen


Cables before
New screen


Controller xxi

For more information check out the Controller XXI website - www.controllerxxi.com