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MG2 - FCP Polishing Machine - Riva Europe

Filled capsule polishing/selecting machine

    The Mod. FCP machine is a multifunctional polishing unit with an integrated capsule sorter, designed to polish capsules, remove excess powder, and separate empty, broken, or detached capsules from filled capsules coming from the capsule filler. This compact, lightweight machine is exceptionally easy to use and, being mounted on wheels, can be conveniently relocated as needed.


    The Mod. FCP machine operates without the need for an operator, making it an efficient choice for various applications. It is compatible with all capsule types and does not require any changeover parts.


    Constructed with a wheel-mounted stainless steel frame, the Mod. FCP machine features a variable speed motor, a rotating nylon brush encased in a stainless steel net, and a container for collecting rejected capsules. The machine can be easily disassembled for cleaning, as all components are assembled with quick-release fittings.


    With a processing capacity of 300,000 capsules per hour, the Mod. FCP machine delivers exceptional performance and productivity.