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MG2 - FCP Polishing Machine - Riva Europe

Filled capsule polishing/selecting machine

    The machine Mod. FCP is a polishing machine with a built-in capsule sorter which polishes capsules, removing loose powder and empty, broken or separated capsules from filled capsules coming from the capsule filler.

    It is a small, lightweight unit which is very easy to use and which, being wheel-mounted, is convenient to move from one location to another.
    Its use does not require the presence of the operator. It is suitable for all types of capsules without requiring changeover parts.

    The machine Mod. FCP consists basically of a wheel-mounted stainless steel frame, a variable speed motor, a rotating nylon brush enclosed in a stainless steel net and a container for collecting the rejected capsules. The machine may be dismantled completely for cleaning, without difficulty, since all its parts are assembled with rapid fittings.

    ​300.000 capsules/hour