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MG2 - SRO capsule sorter- Riva Europe

Rotary selector for filled capsules

    The SR/O is a filled capsule sorting machine designed to remove crushed, deformed, oval-shaped, or irregular capsules after the filling machine production process. Boasting a user-friendly design and construction, the SR/O is compact, lightweight, and easily portable, making it a convenient addition to any facility.


    With no need for an operator, the SR/O offers a practical and efficient solution. The machine primarily comprises a frame with adjustable feet, a fixed-speed reduction motor, and a rotating drum featuring 12 plates with holes calibrated to the capsule size.


    Cleaning the SR/O is a breeze, as it can be effortlessly disassembled without the need for specialized personnel. This ensures optimal hygiene and maintenance for continued performance.


    With a processing capacity of 200,000 capsules per hour, the SR/O machine delivers exceptional efficiency and productivity.