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MG2 - G250 Capsule Filler- Riva Europe

Capsule Filler for medium/ big productions

    Pharmaceutical companies require machines that offer a perfect blend of high speed, exceptional quality, and dependability. The G250 capsule filler, with its high levels of flexibility and automation, is an ideal solution for medium to large-scale production needs.


    Controlled by an industrial PC featuring a Windows XP Embedded operating system, the G250 capsule filler provides an easy-to-use, color monitor interface for operators. Equipped with accessory devices such as an empty capsule feeder, empty capsule selector, product loader, and a filling weight control system, the G250 can operate efficiently with minimal operator supervision.


    Key features of the G250 capsule filler include:


  • Continuous motion mechanical design
  • Speed: up to 200,000 capsules/hour
  • Capsule compatibility: sizes 000-5; DB; Elongated; HPMC
  • Product versatility: Low-dosage powder; Microtablets; Pellets; Powder; Tablets
  • Dosing options: 2 types of pellets; 2 types of tablets; Pellets + tablets; Powder + pellets; Powder + tablets
  • Weight control systems: 100% net weight; Manual sampling; Statistical control