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Riva Europe Compact Nova Pilot scale tablet press with built in control panel

  • Interchangeable turret head.
  • Weight and compression rolls adjusted by servomotors. 
  • It is designed in compliance with GMP regulations, and surfaces are treated with hard chrome and/or stainless steel. 
  • Overload relief system.

Rotary Tablet Press for medium scale production

    Introducing the Compacta Nova tablet press, the ideal solution for single-layer tablet production. With its quick-change tooling and turret head, cleaning and preparation times are kept to a minimum, maximizing productivity.


    The Compacta Nova tablet press is designed to comply with GMP regulations and can use both TSM or EU tooling. It is also 21CFR Part II compliant, ensuring optimal quality control during production.


    Featuring high-precision servomotors, the machine allows for easy adjustments of all tabletting parameters during production, which are controlled through an intuitive HMI touch screen industrial PC. Additionally, all tabletting parameters and batch records can be stored and re-called for future use, minimizing material waste and reducing downtime.


    Invest in the Compacta Nova tablet press and enjoy efficient, reliable, and compliant single-layer tablet production.



    Type / Stations D-17 / B-21 / BB-27
    Standard TSM / EU
    Maximum Tablet Diameter 24.00 mm / 16.00 mm / 13.00 mm
    Maximum Load Depth 19.00 mm
    Maximum Final Compression Force 80 kN
    Maximum First Compression Force 80 kN
    Production Speed 102.000 T/H / 126.000 T/H / 162.000T/H
    Product Feed Forced
    Installed Power 8.0 kW
    Die Hole Diameter 250 mm
    Net Weight 1800 kg