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Riva Europe table top Miniroll compactor for R&D

Roll Compactor Laminating and Granulating Equipment

    The Riva Miniroll R&D roller compactor and granulator is an ideal solution for research and development and small production batches, with a processing capacity ranging from 0.5kg to 20kg.


    This laminator and granulator is manufactured in compliance with GMP regulations, ensuring high-quality standards. It features a sturdy tubular steel structure coated in hard chrome, providing durability and longevity.


    The Miniroll R&D roller compactor includes a loading hopper, extrusion press, grip area, roller cylinders for lamination, cutter, chopper, and sieve for granulation. Its isolated compressing zone and compact design make it easy to change the compressing rolls quickly and efficiently. The size of the granules can be easily modified by interchangeable rollers, varying the cutting and granulating roll speeds, or the size of the sieve mesh.


    The PLC controls the start and stop algorithm in sequential mode for the three motors powered by independent frequency adjusters. With the capacity to store up to 99 product files, parameters controlling both the motor speeds and the compression force of the rolls can be easily adjusted and stored for future use.


    The machine operates on a single-phase power line and comes with a hydraulic electro-pump to adjust the compression force, providing excellent process control and safety. Upgrade your R&D and small-scale production with the Riva Miniroll R&D roller compactor and granulator.




    Diameter of the Compacting Rolls 135 mm
    Width of the Compacting Rolls 26 mm
    Rotation Speed of the Rolls 6/16 RPM
    Maximum Pressure of the Hydraulic Pump 80 kg/cm2
    Cooling Water 10 liters/min
    Powder Processing Capacity 0.5–20 kg/hour
    Compression Force on the Cylinder 3000 kg
    Installed Power 2 kW
    Net Weight 470 kg