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Riva Europe Piccola WIP isolated tablet press R&D scale fully contained

Rotary Tablet Press with WIP Technology

    The Riva Piccola WIP tablet press system is an advanced rotary tablet press for Research & Development, Pilot Production, and Small batch tablet production. This machine is designed to be integrated into containment isolators, making it suitable for working under both positive and negative pressures, thanks to its airtight design.


    The interactive touch screen HMI Industrial PC allows for remote operation of all controls, making the Piccola WIP tablet press ideal for hazardous products that require isolation and safety for the operator. The removable tool set and change parts enable easy product and size changeovers while maintaining containment. The compression zone of the tablet press is made of stainless steel, ensuring hygienic and safe operation.


    We offer the complete tabletting system, including the containment isolator, product handling, tablet collection, and ancillary equipment, all certified to OEL (OEB) Containment Level 5. The Piccola WIP tablet press system is a reliable and efficient solution for pharmaceutical companies and research labs looking for safe and high-quality tablet production.




    Type / Stations D-8 / B-10 / B-D 4+4
    Standard TSM / EU
    Maximum Tablet Diameter 24.00 mm / 16.00 mm / 16/24 mm
    Maximum Load Depth 19.00 mm
    Maximum Compression Force 60 kN
    Maximum Pre-Compression Force 3 kN
    Production Speed 48.000 T/H / 60.000 T/H / 24.000 T/H
    Upper Punch Penetration 2-8 mm
    Product Feed Gravity / Forced
    Installed Power 6 kW
    Die Hole Diameter 150 mm
    Net Weight 890 kg