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Riva Europe Hidropress bi layer tablet press with built in control panel and double layer

  • Produces double-layer tablets.
  • Movable pre-compression and final compression rolls.
  • Individual adjustments for each layer.
  • Sampling and start-up with progressive torque.
  • Designed in compliance with GMP regulations, and surfaces treated with hard chrome and/or stainless steel.

Rotary Double-Layer tablet press for large scale production

    The Riva Hidropress MII is an advanced Rotary Double Sided tablet press suitable for medium scale production. With its ability to produce both Bi-layer and Mono Layer tablets, this tablet press provides versatility for your manufacturing needs.


    Featuring state-of-the-art servo motor controls, the HMI interface provides precise adjustments for all compression motor drives, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and consistency in tablet production.


    With all tabletting parameters stored and easily re-called, the Hidropress MII ensures fast and efficient set up, minimizing downtime and lost production time during product and size changeovers.


    Invest in the Riva Hidropress MII for reliable and efficient medium scale tablet production, backed by advanced technology and superior quality.




    Type / Stations D-25 / B-33 / BB-41
    Standard TSM / EU
    Maximum Tablet Diameter 24.00mm / 16.00mm / 13.00mm
    Maximum Load Depth 19.00 mm
    Maximum Final Compression Force 80 kN
    Maximum First Compression Force 80 kN
    Production Speed 90.000 T/H / 118.800 T/H / 147.600 T/H
    Upper Punch Penetration 2–8 mm
    Product Feed Forced
    Installed Power 10 kW
    Die Hole Diameter 384.175 mm
    Net Weight 2050 Kg