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Single Station Tablet Press

    The Minipress single punch eccentric tablet press is a reliable machine that is ideal for R&D and small-scale tablet development. Its small and compact design makes it perfect for table top mounting, and it is easy to set up, operate, and adjust. The machine is compatible with standard EU/TSM tooling for both B and D sizes. For added convenience, specific R&D PRO data acquisition software is available as an optional extra. This software allows you to analyze, record, and display all of the tableting parameters, giving you complete control over the production process.




    Maximum tablet diameter 24 mm
    Maximum shape tablet size  25 mm x 10 mm
    Number of stations  1
    Maximum compression force 60 kN
    Fill depth  18 mm
    Tablets per hour  6000
    Upper punch penetration 0 - 8 mm
    Feeder Open frame 
    Speed control  By means of inverter 
    Tooling Standard EU B or EU D (or TSM)
    Net weight aprox 270Kg
Minipress Riva Europe Main Screen
Minipress Riva Europe Adjustment Screen
Minipress Riva Europe Recipe Screen