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    The Riva Piccola Nova rotary tablet press is the most comprehensive table top top tablet press on the market for R&D work, Pilot Scale and Small Scale tablet production. The Piccola Nova tablet press has an interchangeable turret feature. all of the product contact parts are quick release. The HMI touch screen is a Industrial PC. The AWC automatic weight control software is 21CFR Part II compliant. In addition R & D software is available.




    Type / Stations D-8 / B-10 / BD 4+4
    Standard TSM / EU
    Maximum Tablet Diameter 24.00 mm / 16.00 mm / 16/24 mm
    Maximum Load Depth 19.00 mm
    Maximum Final Compression Force 60 kN
    Maximum First Compression Force 3 kN
    Production Speed 48.000 T/H / 60.000 T/H / 24.000 T/H
    Upper Punch Penetration 2–8 mm
    Product Feed Gravity / Forced
    Installed Power 3 kW
    Die Hole Diameter 150 mm
    Net Weight 510 kg

  • Interchangeable turret head.
  • Greater production speed.
  • Greater power.
  • Standard data acquisition.
  • Specialized CFR21-compliant software (part 11).