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Piccola Tablet Press Riva Europe

  • Easy compression of oblong tablets up to 25 x 10 mm. 
  •  Accepts any format within a 22 mm diameter. 
  • Can be used either with forced or gravity feeder. 
  • Pre-compression system. 
  • Independent weight and hardness adjustments. 
  • Mechanical relief in case of overcharge. 
  • Damped electronic clutch. 
  • Possible implementation for pressing cycle control through a multiple software PC according to needs. 
  • Software designed for Galenic Development and Production Control. 
  • Compression force regulation carried out by mechanical device, through flexible washers.Manual lubrication. 
  • Quick format change and cleaning. 
  • Designed according to GMP standards; surfaces treated with hard chrome or stainless steel, quality AISI 316. 
  • Eight safety interlocked doors allow easy access to all parts.


    The Riva PICCOLA rotary tablet press table top mounted compact design. With already more than 500 Piccola tablet press units installed worldwide mostly in the R & D field but also in Pilot Scale and Small Scale facilities. The Piccola is a small bench top rotary tablet press specially developed for Research & Development, Pilot Scale or Small Scale production batches. It is available in various configurations to allow flexible operation, utilising just 1 single punch through to a maximum of 10 punch sets fitted in the tablet press turret. Die and punch configurations offered for B tooling, D or a combination of B and D on the same turret in either Euro or TSM standards, which enables the employment of the same punches as used in production. We have the option of the Riva Piccola tablet press in a removable and interchangeable turret configuration.


    The Riva Piccola tablet press has many options available tailored to suit your requirements including full instrumentation, R&D software, data acquisition, pre-compression, automatic weight control and 21CFR part 11 compliance.




    Tooling TSM or EU

    B-10:B/ D-8:D

    Maximum tablet diameters

    B-10:16 mm/ D-8:22 mm

    Number stations

    B-10:10/ D-8:8


    B-10:2.000/30.000/ D-8:2.000/24.000

    Compression force max.

    B-10:60 KN/ D-8:60 KN

    Upper punch penetration

    B-10:0-6 mm / D-8:0-6 mm

    Depth of fill

    B-10:17 mm / D-8:17 mm

    Pitch diameter

    B-10:150 mm / D-8:150 mm

    Power consumption

    B-10:2 KW / D-8:2 KW

    Net weight

    B-10:295 Kg. / D-8:295 Kg.

    Gross weight

    B-10:360 Kg. / D-8:360 Kg.