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Riva Europe Piccola table top tablet press R&D tablet press with separate control panel

  • Easy compression of oblong tablets up to 25 x 10 mm. 
  •  Accepts any format within a 22 mm diameter. 
  • Can be used either with forced or gravity feeder. 
  • Pre-compression system. 
  • Independent weight and hardness adjustments. 
  • Mechanical relief in case of overcharge. 
  • Damped electronic clutch. 
  • Possible implementation for pressing cycle control through a multiple software PC according to needs. 
  • Software designed for Galenic Development and Production Control. 
  • Compression force regulation carried out by mechanical device, through flexible washers.Manual lubrication. 
  • Quick format change and cleaning. 
  • Designed according to GMP standards; surfaces treated with hard chrome or stainless steel, quality AISI 316. 
  • Eight safety interlocked doors allow easy access to all parts.


    Introducing the Riva PICCOLA rotary tablet press - a compact and table top mounted design with over 500 units installed worldwide. Developed specifically for Research & Development, Pilot Scale or Small Scale production batches, the Piccola is available in various configurations for flexible operation, accommodating one single punch up to a maximum of 10 punch sets fitted in the tablet press turret. It offers die and punch configurations for B tooling, D, or a combination of both, in Euro or TSM standards, allowing for the use of the same punches as in production. Additionally, the Riva Piccola tablet press is available in a removable and interchangeable turret configuration.


    The Riva Piccola tablet press comes with a range of customizable options to suit your requirements, including full instrumentation, R&D software, data acquisition, pre-compression, automatic weight control, and 21CFR part 11 compliance. Perfect for small-scale tablet development and production, the Piccola is a reliable and versatile choice for your R&D or Pilot Scale facilities.



    Tooling TSM or EU

    B-10:B/ D-8:D

    Maximum tablet diameters

    B-10:16 mm/ D-8:22 mm

    Number stations

    B-10:10/ D-8:8


    B-10:2.000/30.000/ D-8:2.000/24.000

    Compression force max.

    B-10:60 KN/ D-8:60 KN

    Upper punch penetration

    B-10:0-6 mm / D-8:0-6 mm

    Depth of fill

    B-10:17 mm / D-8:17 mm

    Pitch diameter

    B-10:150 mm / D-8:150 mm

    Power consumption

    B-10:2 KW / D-8:2 KW

    Net weight

    B-10:295 Kg. / D-8:295 Kg.

    Gross weight

    B-10:360 Kg. / D-8:360 Kg.