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MG2 GTF60 Tray Former Riva Europe

    The GTF60 is a fully electronic machine, designed to meet the diverse demands of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries. Equipped with brushless motors, it delivers precise functioning and top-notch performance.


    Featuring an extensive box size range, up to a maximum of 300 x 230 x 150 mm (including the lid), the GTF60's balcony design ensures complete accessibility from all sides for optimized operations. Chainless systems minimize cleaning time and maintenance requirements, while box forming, product infeed, filling, and box closing are meticulously controlled.


    Box forming: The GTF60 automatically forms and glues boxes or trays from flat blanks, accommodating various types of pressboard or line boards. A servo-driven mechanical system forms the box or tray, guaranteeing a perfect seal when gluing the flat blank. The glue is applied using a hot melt system.


    Product infeed: The GTF60 offers numerous automatic feeding systems for both in-line and 90-degree feeding, including conveyor belts, buckets, stackers, and more. The infeed position is highly flexible, adapting to any line layout requirement.


    Box closing: Mobile folders close the box by folding the side flaps and tucking in the last flap. Optionally, the box can be glue-sealed, even on three sides.


    Optional units: The GTF60 can be equipped with various optional units such as leaflet insertion, box content control, box marking/labelling, bar code readers, and a rejection station.