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MG2 GSL10 Case Packer Riva Europe

    GSL10 is a horizontal case packer suitable to form, fill and close RSC cases, either by means of tape or hot-melt glue.

    GSL10 features positive and forced case opening, as well as a reliable product feeding and collation, operator ergonomics, easy and quick size changeover.

    The horizontal case packer mod. GSL10 can handle cases ranging from 150x100x100 mm up to 600x400x400 mm.

    Product feeding can be placed either to the right or left of the case store. Speed is up to 10 cases per minute, depending on case size and product arrangement.


GSL10 case packer can be equipped with several optional units such as:

  • Bar code readers 
  • Videocameras 
  • Ink jet printers 
  • Labelers (for pre-printed labels or P&A) 
  • Reject stations