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KARTOS can be equipped with several optional

units, such as:

- 5th panel carton handling;

- leaflet inserting unit;

- product presence verification;

- carton coding (emboss, ink-jet, laser);

- barcode readers;

- reject units for carton, leaflet and product.

Intermittent-motion cartoner

    KARTOS is an intermittent-motion cartoner, designed to pack pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products inside pre-glued cartons. Its balcony style design guarantees complete accessibility to the working area, simplifying the overall use. The extensive integration of belts (instead of traditional chains) allows for reduced cleaning time and maintenance requirements. Wide carton size range and numerous automatic feeding systems available, allow KARTOS to satisfy many different packaging requirements; infeed unit position can be customized, making the KARTOS easy to integrate on any line layout. Size change-over is fast and simple. Carton closing can be set up for straight (airplane) or reverse flap tuck-in closure, with possibility of glue closure.


    Technical data 

  • Carton size range - Min: 20x15x50mm Max: 90x70x250mm
  • Speed - Up to 100 cartons per minute
  • Mains power - 400V Three phase 50HZ
  • Installed power - 3 kW (basic machine without product feeding unit)
  • Compressed air consumption (filtered) - 70 NI/min
  • Pressure - 6 bar