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MG2 GRP Palletiser Riva Europe

    The Model GRP palletizer is featured by a 6-axis industrial robot combined to a modular structure. The configuration of the GRP modules can be customized to better suit the upstream equipment as well as comply with space and logistic requirements, thus optimizing room layout and accessibility. The easy and fast assembling of the GRP modules allow for a reduction in time and costs of installation and start up.


    Technical data 

  • Robot wrist capacity: 50 Kg
  • Speed (cycles/minute): 15
  • Case size range: min 150x100x100 mm - max 600x400x400 mm
  • Pallet: 800x1200 mm (EU) - 1000x1200 mm (US)
  • Max full pallet height (pallet included): 1600 mm
  • Standard mains power: 400 V (± 10%) - 50 Hz - three-phase or 480 V (± 10%) - 60 Hz - three-phase
  • Installed electrical power: 10 kW
  • Compressed air consumption (picking head excluded): 250 Nl/min - 6 bar