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Tray Drying Ovens

    The compete line of O'Hara tray drying ovens effectively dry pre-mixed wet granulation for further processing into tablets. Other uses for our tray drying ovens include tablet drying and curing. Tray drying ovens provide a much gentler method of drying granulation than other processes, and prevent encapsulation of moisture inside the granules. The ovens are available in a range of sizes to suit your production requirements from 100 to 400 kg.

    Each oven is provided with one or multiple rack and transfer cart systems. A single rack holds twenty-four 316L stainless steel trays, each with a capacity of three to five kilograms of wet powder. Perforated trays for increased drying efficiency are also available. The air handling system of the oven has been designed to provide even flow across every tray. Before each oven leaves the factory, it is temperature mapped to ensure consistent temperature across the volume of the oven.



    • Oven capacities range from 100 to 400 kg
    • Perforated or solid trays
    • Heavy duty doors with removable silicone rubber gaskets
    • Semi-automatic or fully programmable controls
    • Single pass or recirculated process air
    • Steam or electric heating
    • HEPA filter for 99.99% clean air chamber
    • Solvent or aqueous design
    • High and low temperature alarms
    • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance available
    • Humidity control available