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The PH LIFT lifting column, is the machine with the highest level of customization. PH LIFT is designed to handle different types of containers or machinery in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. The machine can easily and safely lift a container to the height suitable for the required function.  

The PH LIFT models are:

  • Mobile version up to 300kg and 3000mm of lifting stroke
  • Mobile version up to 1000kg and 3000mm of lifting stroke
  • Fixed MINI column up to 300kg
  • Fixed MIDI column up to 500kg or 900kg if anchored to the ceiling
  • Fixed MAXI column up to 2500kg including anchoring to the ceiling


Characteristics of the PH LIFT column:

  • The main motor assembly is located at the base of the column for ease of maintenance
  • Satin finish of the stainless steel parts to facilitate cleaning
  • Lifting with a high-strength chain
  • Load cell for loads over 1000Kg
  • PLC control system for greater flexibility


The lifting arm can have different configurations according to the requests:

  • Locking system for drums
  • Locking system to lift the BINs
  • Rotating lifting fork for containers with structure
  • BIN lifting platform
  • Container block structure for mixing


The control panel, integrated into the structure of the PH LIFT column, allows you to manage all operations, alarms, process parameters, work cycle (there is the possibility of having a remote control panel).


Possible options for the PH LIFT column:

  • Axis rotation of the column body
  • Rotating front arm
  • Automatic opening of the BIN valve
  • Front protection strip in stainless steel
  • Vibrator on the lifting arm
  • Container mixing group with double or single inclination
  • Validation documents
  • Electric power different from the standard