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Complete cycle with a single machine

    Introducing the IMPACK 5.0, a compact automatic blistering machine that excels in thermoforming, sealing, and precision cutting to shape blisters. This machine crafts blisters up to a size of 140×80 mm with a depth of 19 mm, utilising a range of plastic materials and coverings straight from the coil.


    The IMPACK 5.0 efficiently directs the finished blisters to a slideway or an optional conveyor belt for easy collection, while simultaneously trimming excess material to streamline disposal.


    Boasting quick and straightforward format changes, the IMPACK 5.0 is celebrated for its simplicity and adaptability. It accommodates a variety of products, from capsules and tablets to medical devices, liquids, and more.


    Each machine comes with an integrated control panel featuring a recipe book function, allowing operators to save and recall settings for every blister type produced. Upon request, the IMPACK 5.0 can be customized with additional features such as a liquid filling pump, a pre-cutting unit, an in-line inkjet printer, and an end-of-line conveyor belt, further enhancing its versatility.