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Complete cycle with a single machine

    Discover an innovative approach to blister production with IMEL's compact and fully customizable machinery. Designed for laboratories needing to package small batches or produce samples for new product launches, IMEL’s technology streamlines the process.


    Termed as the "ONE STEP / ONE BLISTER MACHINE," this semi-automatic benchtop marvel is capable of transforming flat foils into a finished blister in a single action, showcasing its exceptional efficiency.



  • Molds that can be customized to specific requirements
  • An intuitive interface that simplifies operations
  • A new desk design that ensures all necessary tools are within easy reach
  • Operational capacity reaching up to 200 blisters per hour
  • Immediate format changeover with no downtime
  • Simple format adjustments without the need for tools
  • Construction from INOX 304 and materials certified for food and pharmaceutical contact
  • Built-in microfilters for microparticle retention during the thermoforming stage
  • Teflon-coated molding plates compliant with GMP and FDA regulations


    With IMEL's advanced machinery, laboratories can achieve in-house production efficiency, previously only possible with large-scale equipment

The New version 2020 allows complete interchangeability between the IMPACK1.0 molds with the IMPACK4.0 molds