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Complete cycle with a single machine

    The IMLEAK Leak Test Equipment is a straightforward and efficient tool that offers operators a reliable method to test the seal integrity of blister packaging. This compact device is vital for ensuring quality control in both the pharmaceutical and food industries, where secure packaging is crucial for maintaining product safety.


    Widely recommended for checking the seals of blisters and bottles that contain tablets and capsules, IMLEAK is also adept for verifying the airtightness of food packaging. The process involves placing the blister sample into a chamber filled with a dye solution, such as methylene blue. Once the chamber is sealed, the built-in pump creates a vacuum, the intensity of which is set by the operator via a digital vacuum switch. A digital timer controls the duration of the test.


    At the end of the process, the operator can quickly ascertain the integrity of the blister seal, confirming that it is leak-free and meets the stringent quality standards required in both industries.