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• Customizable molds

• Intuitive and simple to use interface

• Operating speed: up to 100 blisters / h

• Format change without using tools

• All parts of the machines are made of INOX 316L and certified materials.

• Equipped with microfilters to retain microparticles during the hot forming phase

• Molding plates coated with Teflon FDA

Complete cycle with a single machine

    Streamline your packaging process with an all-in-one solution. The intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies the thermoforming, sealing, and cutting stages, enabling swift transitions between production cycles with minimal setup time.


    The 2023 model offers an array of features to enhance functionality:

  • Compliance with CFR21 part 11
  • Automated PDF report generation
  • Digital control of pressure settings
  • Customizable operational recipes
  • Sealing force verification checks


    The IM-Pack Series brings enhanced oversight to R&D labs. This compact and user-friendly equipment empowers businesses to bring their packaging in-house. Now, what used to be outsourced can be efficiently managed onsite, reducing dependency on third parties, cutting costs, and streamlining the time-to-market for new product launches.

    Installation and operation are straightforward with the IMPack 1.0—no specialized skills are required, removing the need for expert operators and facilitating an easy integration into your existing workflow.

The New version 2020 allows complete interchangeability between the IMPACK1.0 molds with the IMPACK4.0 molds