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Pharma Handling System  Dynamic Feeding Control

The transfer of powders and granules is carried out in most cases in three different ways:


By suction of a carrier fluid;

By gravity.

The DFC System is one of the key elements for gravity dust transfer.

The purpose of this machine is to transfer product between two levels at controlled speed. The problem that can be solved with this machine is the demixing of powders with different densities and characteristics that have been blended before transferring to the floor underneath. In these cases, important jumps could compromise the concentration ratios of the different components during the discharge.

The connection consists mainly of a pair of pipes, a rigid polycarbonate and a flexible polyethylene. The polyethylene pipe is placed inside the rigid one and will be the only one in contact with the product.

A low pressure compressed air flow is introduced into the gap between the two pipes and the polyethylene is compressed, occluding the passage of dust.

By releasing the air in a controlled manner, the weight of the powder will progressively open the polyethylene surfaces by descending along the tube at the desired speed.

Once the discharge is finished, the polyethylene is extracted from the upper floor while the rest of the machine will remain clean and ready for a new drain.

The advantages of this solution are:
- limited floor space needed, minimizing the impact on existing structures;

- management of the product descent speed by modulating the air exiting the polycarbonate tube dynamically;

- the process management is monitored continuously by means of pressure sensors installed on board.

The benefits of using the DFC System are:

- the simplicity of set up and repositioning of the machine between one discharge and another;

- compatibility with any type of existing discharge station;- minimization of steel parts in contact with the product that must be handled, washed, dried and maintained;

- using only compressed air to manage the discharging process;

- the flexibility of the system that can be reset by HMI in case of a change of product with different physical characteristics.