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Pharma Handling System dosing and weighing  Riva Europe
The DWS dosing and drumming system is a machine designed to package pharmaceutical and food products in powder or granulate form in different types of packaging (eg: drums, bags, tubular liner, etc.).  

The machine is designed according to the most stringent cGMP standards given the environment in which it operates.

The DWS system is a modular system consisting of a basic machine and a series of options that make it flexible and easily upgradeable.

The machine is managed by a controller installed in the power panel which contains the operating logics for each stage of the process.

This automation system is able to perform the dosing procedure and the management of batch data.

The man / machine interface is of the touch-screen type and is located in the immediate vicinity of the operator in order to make the management of operations as ergonomic as possible.

The graphic pages are designed to be simple and intuitive and can be customized according to the specific needs of the customer.

Thanks to the extreme flexibility of the dosing concept that we create with the DWS, the customer can configure his own tailor-made solution with the support of the high-level technical staff.