Riva Europe Loading

Bag Dumping Station

The system has the purpose of loading powders into process machines, bins or drums.The unloading machine is designed to be mobile / stationary andcan be used by gravity or connected with a pneumatic conveyorthat brings the powders to the loading point.The big advantage of the system in question is however thepossibility of having a completely closed and easily washableprocess.

The BDS is divided into two main areas

  •  bag unloading / handling area;

  •  dust collection area and discharge connection

The two areas are separated by a grid that prevents thepackaging from falling into the area below and acts asa work surface for the operator who must open themfrom the outside to facilitate the fall of the product.The lower area will have a truncated pyramid shapewith an opening angle of about 60° to facilitate thesliding of product. The volume of the collectionarea is approximately 200 liters.


On the bottom of the trochopyramidal hopper of theBag Dumping Station, in its basic configuration, therewill be a connection with a DN 50 flexible hose (notincluded in the supply). 

The bag emptying system can be positioned ona gantry or on a upper level to be able to unload bygravity in line even in final bins positioned on thescale. In addition, the bag emptying station can beconnected to a dosing system to have a precise finalweight partition. 

Customized solutions can be designed and suppliedas the dispensing is very different for every need andtype of production