Riva Europe Loading
Containment Tablet Coating Systems
    • OEB level 3-5 systems available
    • Solid or flexible containment isolation available
    • Solvent and aqueous designs
    • Contained tablet loading and unloading chutes with optional containment valves
    • RTP port of materials, parts interchange and tablet sampling
    • Automatic isolation valve on inlet and outlet ducts
    • Viewing door and side doors with inflatable seals
    • Anti-bearding spray nozzles
    • Automatic reverse tablet unloading
    • Safe change (bag-in/bag-out) supply filters and exhaust filters
    • WIP spinners in coater and supply and exhaust ducts
    • WIP skid system available
    • High containment dust collection available
    • Containment certification testing available as option
    • CE declaration of conformity available