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Containment Tablet Coating Systems
    We offer OEB level 3-5 containment systems to suit your needs. Our range of products includes solid or flexible containment isolation options, as well as designs suitable for solvent and aqueous applications. Our systems feature contained tablet loading and unloading chutes with optional containment valves, RTP ports for material and parts interchange, and tablet sampling.

    Additional features include automatic isolation valves on inlet and outlet ducts, viewing doors and side doors with inflatable seals, anti-bearding spray nozzles, and automatic reverse tablet unloading. We also provide safe change (bag-in/bag-out) supply filters and exhaust filters, WIP spinners in coater and supply and exhaust ducts, and WIP skid systems.

    High containment dust collection is available, as well as containment certification testing as an optional service. Our products come with a CE declaration of conformity, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.