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Riva Europe and O'Hara Technologies 

We are absolutely delighted to announce our appointment by O’Hara Technologies Inc to be their agents in the UK and Ireland.


O’Hara are recognised as a leading manufacturer of Solid Dosage Processing equipment.


O’Hara designs and fabricates a broad product line of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and confectionary equipment for coating, mixing, blending, granulating and drying. Their product range provides proven solutions through all capacity requirements - from small scale portable laboratory and R&D models through to high-volume continuous systems. Their goal is to be a manufacturer that offers the greatest value, by helping clients to address all of their equipment needs in today’s rapidly changing market.


They have successfully conducted ON LINE FAT’s and SAT’s which is now a standard procedure that, together with our own Technical Support to assist the customer, has reduced the overall project costs and proved to be more far time efficient.



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