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Vortex Bin Tumbler: Powerful Mixing

The Tumbler machine, as in its basic execution, brings in rotation a stainless-steel IBC or drum.

This machine has two different installation set-up:

  • VORTEX BIN TUMBLER “Stand-Alone installation“
  • VORTEX BIN TUMBLER “Through-Wall installation


Both versions are available into the following sizes:

  • LAB (Blended IBC volume 2-30l)*
  • MINI (Blended IBC volume 30-300l)
  • MIDI (Blended IBC volume 300-1000l)
  • MAXI (Blended IBC volume 1000-2000l)

*The LAB Version is available only in the Stand-Alone version.

The machine is made of:

  • main structure group with blending motorization and power panel;
  • container clamping group.


The main structure group is made of painted carbon-steel for a high level resistance.

The frame can be anchored to the floor and it holds in position the gearmotor for container rotation.

The IBC clamping group is made of stainless-steel AISI 304.

The lower platform is designed to lock the IBCs in loading position and safe clamping by its top surface.

Due to the structure geometry, in blending position, the container will stand with 15°inclination on the vertical plain.

The finish of all stainless-steel parts is fine satin-finishing with grounded welding.

Rotation speed is from 4rpm up to 20 rpm. 

Controls are based on Siemens technologies with a Siemens Series S7 PLC and a 7” Siemens Touch screen HMI. 

The HMI is installed in the processing area. 

There is the possibility to manage recipes and protected access with different levels of password.

The machine has contacts to connect the safety devices into the safety circuit of the machine to protect the operators during movements.

The offered option are:

  • Double inclination: in addition to the angle of 15° on the vertical line, the frame has an additional inclination of 15° on the rotation line.
  • Compliance with 21CFR part 11 realized with the iFix SCADA system by GE
  • Report printer on the control panel
  • Laser scanner System for blending area protection
  • Safety barrier for blending area protection
  • PLC e HMI by Rockwell Automation
  • Different electric power from the EU standard
  • Validation Documents