The Director Software V4 and Scalability Tool for R&D tablet presses

    Small bench top tablet presses can be used to successfully transfer a product into larger production machines provided that the proper tooling and speeds are selected. “The Director Software V4 Scalability Program” can successfully predict the operating parameters for any machine to match the loading rates of another and thus is ideal for R & D development work.

    A mathematical relationship was developed taking into consideration factors such as turret pitch circle diameter, turret speed, and compression roll diameters, feeder residence time and punch head geometry. These parameters were programmed into the “Director Software R&D V4 Software” that calculates the rate of force application, duration of the peak force, and time under the feeder for die fill for a specific tablet machine. The program permits visual displays for direct comparison between two selected machines. The user can vary the machine speeds (rpm) in an attempt to achieve similar loading profiles.


    The Director

    Operating Parameter Scalability Tool
    Control Charts
    Peak Value Bar Charts
    Limit Charts
    Easy to Service
    Minimal Hardware Components
    Simple to Validate