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    The ONLY machine on the market that combines two operations into one. SPINE functionalities combined with counting, sorting and bottle filling allow reducing the cost and risk of the production process. Easy adjustment for bottles of different sizes and types, high bottle filling capacities and throughput.
  • Multifunction machine for inspection, counting and bottle filling

  • Exceptional 100 % visual inspection of tablets, capsules & softgels

  • Product sorting before final counting and filling

  • Easy adjustment for bottles of different size and type

  • Filling bottles with count from 30 to 1000, and higher

  • Capacity up to 165/100/10 bottles per minute at 30/100/1000 count

  • Intuitive user-friendly graphical interface

  • Ergonomic, compact design for simple cleaning and maintenance

  • For more information see SPINE-FIBO website