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    The BliStar Blistering Machine: Simplify and Optimize Your Production Process

    The BliStar blistering machine is expertly engineered to simplify and optimize your production process. This state-of-the-art machine is perfect for forming, filling, and sealing blisters containing capsules or tablets, offering an all-in-one solution for your blister packaging needs.


    Key Features of the BliStar Blistering Machine

  • An intuitive touch-screen panel that displays real-time machine status for easy monitoring
  • Motorized reel unwinders (forming and sealing) with precise centering adjustments
  • Servo motor-driven forming, cutting, and pre-cutting operations featuring quick-release locking mechanisms for increased efficiency
  • Automatic forming/lidding reel junction control and feeding switch-off (available with a dedicated feeder)
  • Advanced system for detecting product presence outside the cavity prior to sealing, ensuring accurate packaging
  • Continuous sealing system equipped with servo motors, adjustable speed, temperature, and pressure settings for optimal performance
  • Quick and effortless size changeovers with minimal adjustments required


    Invest in the BliStar blistering machine to enhance your capsule and tablet packaging operations, while benefiting from its user-friendly design and unmatched efficiency.