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MG2 Blistar blistering machine Riva Europe

    The BliStar blistering machine has been designed to ease and optimize the production process. It is suitable to form, fill and close blisters containing either capsules or tablets. BliStar main features are:


  • Touch-screen panel to allow the visualization of machine status in real time;
  • Motorized reel unwinder (forming and sealing) with centring adjustment;
  • Forming, cutting and pre-cutting operations equipped with servo motors and quick release locking mechanism;
  • Control of forming/lidding reels junctions with automatic feeding switching off (dedicated feeder only);
  • System to detect the presence of any product outside the cavity before sealing;
  • Continuous sealing system equipped with servo motors and speed, temperature and pressure adjustments;
  • Easy and quick size changeover with minimum adjustments.