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Riva - Bi-Layer Nova Tablet Press

Double Layer nova Rotaty Tablet Press

The Riva Bi-layer Nova tablet press was designed for the production of double-layer and mono layer tablets, featuring versatility with a quick change of tooling and/or interchangeable turret heads which shortens cleaning and preparation times to the lowest minimum.

The Bi-Layer Nova tablet press fully complies with GMP regulations. TSM or EU tooling. It features high-precision servomotors for adjustments of all the tabletting paramters during production. The software package includes optional R&D software so that it can be used for tablet production and development.

For a suitable adjustment during double-layer tablet development, fully independent weight, height, and hardness systems are used for both the first and second layer.

  • Interchangeable turret head.
  • Weight and compression rolls are adjusted by servomotors.
  • It is designed in compliance with GMP regulations, and surfaces are treated with hard chrome and/or stainless steel.
  • Overload relief system.

Technical Info

Type / Stations
D-17 / B-21 / BB-27
Maximum Tablet Diameter
24.00 mm / 16.00 mm / 13.00 mm
Maximum Load Depth
19.00 mm
Maximum Final Compression Force
80 kN
Maximum First Compression Force
80 kN
Production Speed
51.000 T/H / 63.000 T/H / 81.000 T/H
Upper Punch Penetration
1–8 mm
Product Feed
Gravity / Forced
Installed Power
10 kW
Die Hole Diameter
250 mm
Net Weight
2000 kg