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Riva - Piccola Classic Tablet Press

Table Rotary Tablet Press

The PICCOLA CLASSIC is a rotary tablet press used for Research & Development, and it is designed for R&D pilot plants and/or small production batches. Its settings allow working with one to ten sets of punches fitted in the turret head. The Piccola Classic tablet press version although it is the basic model with manual controls the tablet press can be upgraded with the Director R & D Software and hardware system to provide the user with data capture of all the forces applied to each installed tool set.

Punches and dies are compatible with B or D tooling type under international TSM or EU regulations. This allows working with the same punches used for production.

  • Gravity or forced feed system.
  • Pre-compression system.
  • Quick change of format and cleaning.
  • It is designed under GMP regulations, and surfaces are treated with hard chrome and/or stainless steel.

Technical Info

Type / Stations
D-8 / B-10 / BD 4+4
Maximum Tablet Diameter
24.00 mm / 16.00 mm / 16-24 mm
Maximum Load Depth
19.00 mm
Maximum Compression Force
60 kN
Maximum Pre-Compression Force
3 kN
Production Speed
24.000 T/H / 30.000 T/H / 12.000 T/H
Upper Punch Penetration
2-8 mm
Product Feed
Gravity / Forced
Installed Power
2 kW
Die Hole Diameter
150 mm
Net Weight
300 Kg