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Riva - Piccola Classic Tablet Press With Force Measurement

Table Top Rotary Tablet Press

In order to obtain more information when developing new products, the PICCOLA CLASSIC tablet press can be equipped with load cells and digital displays to show the forces applied to the Pre-compression, Main Compression and Ejection stations of the tablet press.

Technical Info

Type / Stations
D-8 / B-10 / BD 4+4
Maximum Tablet Diameter
24.00 mm / 16.00 mm / 16/24 mm
Maximum Load Depth
18.00 mm
Maximum Compression Force
60 kN
Maximum Pre-Compression Force
3 kN
Production Speed
24.000 T/H / 30.000 T/H / 12.000 T/H
Upper Punch Penetration
2–8 mm
Product Feed
Gravity / Forced
Installed Power
2.5 kW
Die Hole Diameter
150 mm
Net Weight
350 kg