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MG2 - FlexaLab

Capsule Filler designed for R&D laboratories

FlexaLAB is one of the capsule fillers included in MG2 production range specifically designed for R&D laboratories, clinical trials, small batch outputs and special productions.
For productions up to 3.000 cps/h, it is based on the same functioning principles as MG2 high speed machines.
FlexaLAB can work either at continuous or intermittent motion, depending on the type of dosing unit installed.
Thanks to the possibility to install more dosing units at the same time, it enables to make product combinations inside the same capsule, in order to guarantee the maximum flexibility required by Research & Development laboratories and small producers.

Mechanical design continuous or intermittent motion (depending on the type of dosing unit installed)
Speed (capsules/hour) up to 3.000
Capsule sizes 000-5; DB; Elongated; HPMC
Products range Pellets; Powder; Microtablets; Tablets; Low dosages of powder; Microdosages of powder; Capsule into capsule; Liquids
Some dosing combinations Powder + tablets; Powder + pellets; Powder + microtablets; 2 kinds of pellets; 2 kinds of tablets; Pellets + tablets
Weight control systems 100% (gross)