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Tablet press tooling, parts and blister format part manufacturer.


Adamus Tablet Press Tooling, Tablet Press Parts And Blister Parts Manufacturer.

Adamus, a Polish company have been producing compression tooling, turrets and spares for tablet presses for over 30 years. They manufacture tablet press tooling, spare parts and turrets for all recognised tablet press manufactures. The tablet press tooling and dies can be manufactured from all types of steels, tungsten carbide and ceramic. The tooling and dies can also be coated, a selection of coatings to suit the product material can be provided. Multi-tips and tools for non-conventional tablet presses are also available.

They also manufacture blister packaging machines tooling format parts.

Also Adamus can offer tablet press punch and die measuring units and tablet press tooling polishing machines. 

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Adamus AHTM100 - Measuring Unit

Measurement range: diameter: 40 mm; height - 125-157 mm

Standard tablet…

Standard tooling

For unusual shaped…

Shaped tooling

Multiple tip tooling

Multi Tooling

Special tooling

Special tooling

Punch Coatings