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Capsules, a versatile OSD for early phase development

We welcome you to look at the latest Oral Solid Dosing Forms webinar from MG2 which will show you the product medium development process.

Thank you for your valuable time in taking part.

Mike Nicol MD Riva Europe Ltd

In this webinar the essential aspects of oral solid dosage forms will be evaluated, especially a comparison between capsules and tablets will help to select the ideal formulation for your scope. You will be guided through the capsule development process from early phase development to larger scale manufacturing, emphasizing the critical process aspects that have to be controlled from a formulation point of view to obtain a successful product.

Video Bookmarks:

00:00 - 03:30 - Introduction

03:30 - 24:15 - PART I
     - Overview on oral dosage forms: focus on tablets vs capsules
     - Blend properties and blend manufacturing
     - Excipient selection for tablet and capsules
     - Particle size: direct blend vs granulation
     - How to make capsules: from small scale to large batches manufacturing

24:15 - 44:45 - PART II
     - Overview on powder dosing technologies
     - Focus on dosator in continuous motion
     - Flexibility in dosage capabilities   
     - Production scalability
     - Containment during manufacturing

44:45 - 46:00 - Conclusions

46:00 - 53:35 - Q&A

Webinar duration: about 54 minutes  

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